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Solo dog walks

I collect your dog and then walk with them from your home for a full hour of exercise. I can also offer shorter walks for dogs with particular needs.

All dogs are initially walked on the lead, but once we are used to each other, and happy with a secure recall, we can exercise off lead (written permission required) in the local park. Or we can simply enjoy the sights (and smells) of a leisurely walk.

I've been offering solo walks since 2011, and I have a lot of experience with dogs who can be quite challenging. My walks are particularly suitable for nervous, reactive or over aroused dogs, and will usually include training games and exercises to help your dog learn to cope with the things that they might find difficult when out and about. 

If you want to know what your dog gets up to during the day, I can also send you picture updates!

After some great exercise I'll return your dog home happy and tired, and make sure there are no muddy paw prints for you to clean up. If you're not home I will check there is plenty of water, and food if needed, and then leave the house safe and secure.

More than one dog?

I don't walk large groups of dogs, so your dog will get plenty of attention! If your household has more than one dog, I'm happy to walk more than one for a small extra charge.

Price £25 per hour

Weekends £30 per hour


More than one dog:

£5 extra per dog


Small group walks

In some cases I can carefully match dogs together to create a small group. Groups are a maximum of three dogs, but more usually they are just two.

Price £20 per hour


Force free training

I'm a keen amateur dog trainer and use only force free methods. I've undertaken training courses with the IMDT and School of Canine Science, and believe in positive reinforcement and kind, force free methods.

Coming soon!

I am planning to introduce packages of training walks which will include feedback and homework exercises for owners to work on to reach agreed behaviour goals. 

Getting to know you

Before we agree to work together I will visit your home to meet you and your dog to make sure we all get along. We can even take a short test walk together to ensure we are all happy with the arrangement.

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